Please contact the school office if you would like to make an appointment for an enrolment meeting.

Please note that One Mile State School is an enrolment managed school.  This means that unless we have capacity (not exceeding class size recommendations) we do not enrol children that live outside our catchment area.  An enrolment catchment map is located at or can be viewed at the school office.

The following is a checklist of what to bring to an enrolment meeting –

·         Copy of your child’s Birth Certificate (Proof of age is required when enrolling your child a birth certificate or passport is preferred.  A copy will be made and the original will be returned to parents.)

·         Proof of residence

At the enrolment meeting an enrolment agreement and other permission forms will need to be completed.

If at any time your address details or telephone number change, or any other relevant changes to your child’s health, bus travel, emergency contacts, etc. occur please advise the school office so that accurate records may be kept up to date. This is vital in case of an emergency.

If there is a change in the custodial care of your children, please report this to the office. The office holds confidential information on known custody cases.  Parents are responsible for providing any Court Order papers to the Principal.


To be eligible for prep a child must turn five (5) on or before 30 June in the year that they enrol in prep. You can check the Education Queensland's prep ready reckoner calculator to determine when your child can commence their preparatory year. 

Enrolments for prep must be accompanied by a birth certificate.  A copy will be made and the original will be returned to parents.

A parent information night is offered in Term 3 each year.  In Term 4 families are invited to attend an entry to prep visit.  A parent is required to stay for the duration of the prep visit. Please note that parents are responsible for their children on this day.  The prep visits will be held at the prep rooms and prep playground.

At One Mile State School we request a short interview (15mins) with each family to discuss the information you have provided on the Prep enrolment questionnaire.

The following is a checklist of what to bring on the day of your interview –

·         completed questionnaire

·         hearing and vision test results

·         copy of your child’s Birth Certificate

·         copy of your child’s Immunisation Record

·         completed medical details form

Repeat Policy

Enquiries regarding a student repeating a year level need to be addressed in accordance with the One Mile State School repeat policy. This policy is available on the school website support and resources section or on request from the school office.   

Last reviewed 20 November 2019
Last updated 20 November 2019